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Clout by Jenni Catron – Book Review

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Clout Book cover



Clout, by Jenni Catron is a life-changing book.  The subtitle for this book is Discover and Unleash Your God-Given Influence.  In this book Catron addresses the lies we believe and traps, also known as “clout killers” that keep Christians from reaching their full potential.  This book presents a balanced Biblical perspective about discovering your God-given purpose and confidently moving within the sphere of influence that you’ve been called to lead.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from this book:


  • You have a specific purpose, calling, that only you are qualified to fulfill. Your God-given influence defines your purpose. Your purpose establishes your leadership. Your leadership makes a mark on the world.
  • When we discover and unleash our God-given influence, we position ourselves to lead with passion and purpose that defy our personal limitations. That’s what clout is all about.
  • We often confront our greatest fear at the crossroads of influence. We face our greatest fear at the threshold of our greatest opportunity to make an impact. Not to confront this fear would be to deny who we are created to be. We’d be sabotaging the very calling and purpose we are designed for.
  • Where pride finds its identity and perfection, importance, performance, and independence, humility allows us to anchor our identity in Christ first and live from a place of confidence in Christ in us.
  • Where influence guides and motivates others, control directs and manipulates others. True influence doesn’t seek power. Control can’t live without it.
  • Your identity is core to your clout, and when you allow society to define it, you’ve distorted picture.
  • The careful exploration of our God-given influence is not just about identifying the clout killers; it’s also about understanding how God has purposefully designed us by giving us gifts, talents, experiences, and opportunities unlike anyone else’s.
  • To understand our God-given influence and to unleash our clout, we must arrange our lives to make time to hear from God.
  • When we give into our fears, insecurities, jealousy, pride, scarcity, comparisons, or temptation to control, we lose our way and find ourselves surrounded by the heard rather than running ahead.

You may not carry the official title of leader, but there are no doubt opportunities in your everyday life to make a positive difference by influencing the lives of those around you. When you understand your influence, and your God-given clout, you can make the most of your gifts, talents, experiences and opportunities to live your life with greater purpose and meaning.

Thankfully you don’t have to wait for someone to appoint you as a leader; it’s what you do and how you live in your God-given arena of influence that makes you a leader. After reading this book, you will have greater insight and practical know-how with regard to the ways that you can begin making a difference right away.  You can get your own copy of Clout by Jenni Catron here on amazon.

By way of disclosure: I received a free review copy of Clout, Discover and Unleash Your God-Given Influence by Jenni Catron from Nelson Books in exchange for writing a review—good, bad, or otherwise.

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