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Confronting Confusion

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Confusion is the great immobilizer, keeping you from moving forward, causing you to look behind and all around you.  The most effective way to deal with confusion is to determine what it’s rooted in.


Confusion that is rooted in fear is the worst kind because it can be paralyzing.  Uncertainty and doubt have you wavering back and forth until everything and everyone becomes suspect.  Removing the obstacle of fear requires ruthless honesty to identify every fear and examine them in the light of God’s word.  In order to see clearly and move ahead in your journey you must be free of fear.

Confusion can come about as the result of disobedience or short cuts.  Review your journey to this point.  Are there any action points that you’ve skipped?  God often has a specific reason for the steps He has laid out before you and the only way to gain clarity is to go back and make sure you’ve followed through on what you understood His guidance to be for that area of your life.

Some confusion is God ordained as He works something of His purpose and preparation in your life.  Many times the wall in front of you is simply God’s hand because you’re not yet ready for the next step.  The infinite wisdom of God is His alone to understand, our job is to trust Him knowing that He holds the key to every door and will open it when the timing is right.

Spiritual Perspective:  Keep enduring so that patience will grow and develop in your life, then you will be fully mature and ready for anything – James 1:4 (My own paraphrase).  God’s work in your life can seem mysterious and confusing, but rest assured He is working to bring you to a point of strength that would not be accomplished any other way.  You can take comfort in knowing that the God of the universe oversees every season of your life!

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Renew, Refresh and Refocus:  Have you faithfully taken action on everything you know you were supposed to do up to this point?  What strength of character might God be perfecting in your life during this season of waiting and uncertainty?

Leave a comment and let me know how you’re doing with confronting confusion in your life!

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