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Distracted By Non-Essentials

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Have you ever noticed how “junk” seems to creep into your life?  That’s what non-essentials really are – they’re junk and junk is distracting!  And because of this you have to be ruthless with weeding out and eliminating the junk and non-essentials that distract and deter you from what’s most important for your life.

It could be physical, emotional or spiritual junk that subtly makes its way into your life and it will stick around for however long you’ll allow it to take up valuable space in your mind, heart and emotions. These seemingly “innocent” distractions are what will ultimately rob you of purpose, peace and fulfillment.

Non-essential distractions sap your energy.  Your energy is much better used by investing in improving your most important relationships, your health, your finances and even you home life.  Always remember there is a battle for your destiny and non-essential distractions are a subtle, but effective tool of the adversary to keep you from advancing to the next level.  If you’re feeling weary or overwhelmed, you owe it to yourself to re-evaluate the essential from the non-essentials in your life.  You need quality time for yourself to rest, reflect and re-energize in order to be the best you can be in the most important areas of your life.

Non-essential distractions in your physical environment can lead to chaos.  It’s amazing how slow and easily these distractions come into your life.  A few little purchases here and there, a gift from a friend or loved one and before you know it, too many things require space, time or attention.  Knickknacks need to be dusted, cupboards and closets get jammed tight or overflow, which makes it impossible to find what you need when you want it.  A regular time of self-examination and de-cluttering can help you stay connected to that which is most important and beneficial to your life.

Non-essential distractions steal your joy.  At the end of the day, all the non-essentials have you running behind schedule, frustrated about what you didn’t get accomplished and stressed about not getting to the things that truly are high priorities for you.  Simple things like limiting your time on social media, checking e-mails at scheduled times and keeping phone calls short and sweet are simple ways to use your time productively.  You have the freedom to say “no” to non-essentials and once you do, you will experience more joy and satisfaction.

Non-essential distractions entangle your thought life.  They take up mental real estate that could be much better used living a full productive life by employing your gifts and talents to make a difference in the world.  Your mental real estate is worth too much to be eaten away by unimportant things that have no lasting value.   Reading a magazine is fine for relaxation, but if you haven’t read your Bible to feed your spirit and renew your mind, the magazine is a distraction.

Biblical Perspective:  Luke 10:40* says it like this, “But Martha was distracted with all her preparations; and she came up to Him and said, “Lord, do You not care that my sister has left me to do all the serving alone? Then tell her to help me.”  Martha was distracted by her many tasks and quite possibly could have been over doing things when in fact something simple would have sufficed.  It is possible over complicate your life with too many activities and self-imposed expectations that you miss out on the spiritual blessings that come from spending time in the Lord’s presence.  Mary chose the Lord’s presence while Martha fretted over excessive details for the dinner.  Embrace simplicity in order to be available for the spiritual necessities that pave the way for abundant living.

Renew, Refresh and Refocus:  How have non-essentials wrecked havoc by taking up mental, emotional and physical space in your life?  Where are you feeling frustrated and sapped of energy in your life due to non-essential distractions?  What are some non-essentials that you need to get rid of or start saying “no” to?  How will your life change for the better once you get rid of these non-essentials?

Be effective in your Christian journey by eliminating the things that distract and prevent you from truly living with purpose.  You can start moving forward with clear direction and purpose for your life – here’s how you can get started!

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