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Forgiveness – The Great Liberator!

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Forgiveness is the great liberator setting you free to see the past with a new perspective and providing new hope for your future.  Forgiveness can inspire a change of course and innovative action that will pave the way for healing and restoration.  But forgiveness requires letting go of any desire to blame, the striving for perfection or holding onto the past.


A fresh start requires that you do the following:


Let go of the temptation to blame others so you can take charge.  Blaming others puts them in the driver’s seat and leaves you feeling helpless.  Instead of getting caught up in the blame game, look for things you can do today that will help create a fresh start.  Every day is an opportunity to choose a new direction and live with a fresh perspective – all you have to do is step into it.

Let go of the idea of perfection so you can take action.  Forgive yourself for past mistakes, profit from them and move on.  Remember that perfection is a myth and waiting for the perfect conditions will keep you in a holding pattern.  Perfection can be paralyzing, but taking action, even imperfect action, can be liberating and create connections or lead to opportunities that will bring you closer to your goals.

Let go of the past so you can focus on the future.  Living in the past will keep you stuck.  Holding on to the pain of your past failures or the failures of others, won’t lead you to a successful tomorrow.  Once you allow forgiveness to flow, you will be free to embrace a fresh start and step up to a brighter future.

Biblical Perspective: The Apostle Paul is a poster child for new beginnings and a life of freedom.  His words in Philippians 3:13 sum it up, “Brothers and sisters, as I said, I know I have not arrived; but there’s one thing I am doing: I’m leaving my old life behind, putting everything on the line for this mission.”  As a child of God you have been released from your past and continue to be a recipient of grace and forgiveness.  You have a new mission, assignment and purpose in Christ and fulfilling it requires that you let go of your past.  Treat each day as a fresh start knowing that you have been called and chosen, then freely step out to fulfill God’s plan and purpose in and through your life.

Renew, Refresh and Refocus: In what ways has perfection been holding you back?  How would your life change if you let go of the past in order to embrace a fresh start?  What inspiring new action can you take this week to start moving closer to your purpose?

You don’t have to stay stuck!  You can give yourself permission to rise above your past circumstances and start moving forward.  It just takes a fresh perspective on your past so you can live with hope for your future.  Investing in one of my Clear Life Purpose ™ coaching programs will help you connect the dots and get back on track.  To find out how, simply click here!

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