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Happy Are The Meek

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Meekness is a word that isn’t used much in our modern world, but it is evident in the lives of those who are known for being gentle, patient and kind.  People like this experience the comfort of God and the blessing of His favor.  They tend to be some of the most genuine, confident, joyful and appealing people to be around.  No longer ruled by fear or an over inflated sense of self, they are free to invest in the lives of others while continuing to grow themselves.

Those who live in an attitude of meekness are known by the following attributes:

They are gentle because they have learned that they are often in need of gentleness from others.  Gentleness is alive in the lives of those who are humble enough to admit their own weaknesses and freely extend forgiveness to others.  The gentle person is endearing to others because of their gracious way of life.  Those who live out gentleness offer a sincerity that seems to be lacking in our world and that is a breath of fresh air.

They are patient because they know they can trust the Lord.  Patience requires self-control, courage and endurance, and those who have developed these traits have also learned the benefits of leading themselves.  In a world where people are busy competing, positioning and exploiting others to get what they want, the meek person is faithfully running their own race with grace and persistence.

They are kind because they are relationship builders.  Harshness might win a few battles, but it won’t build any long lasting bridges to success.  Those who live with kindness are engaging and modest with an intentional focus on others.  They make people feel special and take the time to really listen to what others have to say.

Biblical Perspective:  Psalm 37:11 says it beautifully, “But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy peace and prosperity.”  A humble heart values the wisdom of God’s ways and that is the first step in receiving the promises of God for your life.  Peace with God, peace within yourself and peace-filled relationships with others is what truly makes you prosperous.  When your life is marked by meekness you’ll enjoy the comfort of God and the blessing of His favor.

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Renew, Refresh and Refocus:  How has your own need of gentleness from others helped you to be gentle in your relationships?  In what way has patience helped you to faithfully and persistently run your own race?  How has kindness help you to build better relationships with others?

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