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Moments Of Truth by John MacArthur

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“Moments Of Truth”, Unleashing God’s Word One Day at a Time is a new devotional by John MacArthur. This book is not fluff and feel good reading.  It is a devotional for those who are ready to go deeper in their faith and who aren’t afraid to be challenged.  John presents hard-hitting truth with plenty of scripture references for further study in your own Bible.

Themes such as money, self-control, Christian growth, temptation, love, freedom, marriage, parenting, generosity, Jesus’ birth and life, the cross and end-times are covered.  The devotions are taken from other books written by MacArthur and they are woven into daily nuggets of truth.  Each day’s reading closes with a question to ponder for personal application.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from this devotional:

“It isn’t what you say that proves the reality of your faith; it’s what you do.”

“Jesus is literally saying, “I chose you for Myself.” He has chosen you to be different.  So be the living rebuke to the rest of the world that Christ called you to be.”

“Lasting leadership is grounded in character.  Character produces respect.  Respect produces trust.  And trust motivates followers.”

“We must not ignore or discard selected truths just because we might find them hard to receive or difficult to fathom.”

“Why is discipline important?  Discipline teaches us to operate by principle rather than desire.”

“If you start out by being generous when you have modest resources, you will much more likely be generous when you have greater wealth.”

“Authentic Christianity has always recognized that truth is unchanging.”

While I appreciate the truths contained in this book, I did not care for the way this devotional reads.  Using excerpts from other books is tricky and this book feels choppy and didn’t have an easy to read flow.  While it feels more like a study guide than a devotional, this book is full of Biblical truth, but it was heavy on conviction and low on inspiration.  And there is nothing wrong with that if it’s you’re preferred learning style.  However, most people need a healthy balance of both in order to learn and grow.

If you are ready to grow in your knowledge of Biblical truth and prefer more of a study guide approach to a deeper understanding of the scriptures, Moments Of Truth by John MacArthur is a devotional you will want to add to your reading library.

By way of disclosure: I received a free review copy of “Moments Of Truth” by John MacArthur from Thomas Nelson in exchange for writing a review—good, bad, or otherwise.

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