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Overcoming A Mistaken Identity

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MasqueradeEach and every day different identities are thrust upon people.  It may be a vocational title, a family role, a childhood nickname or images from clever advertisers.  But none of these identities are permanent because titles can change, roles will evolve, nicknames are outgrown and advertising shifts.

Any identity that is not based on the truth of God’s word is a temporary, false or mistaken identity that cannot be trusted or relied upon.  Evidence of a mistaken identity is seen in the following ways:

Wrong choices – the kind that lead to an undesirable result.  Not knowing the truth of God’s design for your life leads to insecurity, which will drive your decision making process. When you don’t understand your identity in Christ the basis for choices is often shallow and self-serving.  But when you are clear about your true identity, you will be empowered to live your life God’s way and not the way the rest of the world thinks and lives, which is why Christians are called “salt and light”.

Wrong friends – the sort of people who cause you move further away from the best path for your life.  As a follower of Christ, you are called to be kind and loving toward all people, but forming close associations with those who do not share your faith will pollute your mindset.  Your ability to discern God’s best for your life will become difficult to recognize, which will diminish your ability to be a good influence.  Your journey and destiny are greatly enhanced when you choose friends that will help you to grow into Christlikeness so you can live out His amazing plan for your life.

Wrong motives – the type of mindset that tends to be rebellious, distrusting and hostile toward the Lord and His ways.  It’s difficult to fully trust, understand or appreciate someone you don’t really know.  For the Christian, wrong motives indicate a lack of friendship and fellowship with the Lord, but the more you know Him the more you’ll trust Him.  As your Heavenly Father, He will guide you, provide for you and defend you.  And when the truth of His word transforms your identity, you’ll be able to process life with purified motives as you follow His leading for your life.

Biblical Perspective:  Colossians 3:10* says it best, “In its place you have clothed yourselves with a brand-new nature that is continually being renewed as you learn more and more about Christ, who created this new nature within you.”  When you are filled with the Holy Spirit and are renewed with the word of God, you’ll have a kingdom mindset and identity that desires God’s way of thinking and living.  Insecurity, posturing and distrust are not God’s will for your life; they are the result of a mistaken identity.  Overcoming false or mistaken identities happens as you come to know God and experience faith-filled living that allows you to follow His plan for your life.  When you are clear about the wonderful purpose your Heavenly Father has planned for you to be part of, selecting the right friends and making wise choices with pure motives becomes easier.

Renew, Refresh and Refocus:  In what ways have the wrong friends caused you to miss out on God’s best for your life?  How has a lack of clarity about your identity in Christ negatively impacted your ability to make good decisions?  What can you do to fully live in the new nature Christ has placed within you?

Don’t let a mistaken identity rob you of the fullness of your God-given purpose and destiny any longer.  You have been beautifully gifted with talents and strengths that are part of God’s plan for your life.  You can discover them now with one of my Clear Life Purpose ™ coaching programs – here’s how you can get started!

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