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I finished my daily e-coaching today and it was really cool!!!  I love the way it builds and it was nice to anticipate where I was heading and made it all come together.  An unexpected plus for me was really connecting the dots with all the “bad” that has happened in my life that has equipped me to be an expert at what I do!

~Angela Shutt

Founder, True Life Exchange Ministry


Working with Bridget was an exciting experience.  It was surely a divine appointment and I am very grateful.  It gave me exactly what I was looking for and more!  Her questions brought clarity to my thoughts and passion for my project.  She expanded my vision in a very short time period.  Every minute spent coaching with Bridget was worth it!!!!

~Celine Matteau


I was pleasantly surprised by Bridget’s life coaching program!  I had many preconceived notions and thought that I simply didn’t have time for stuff like this and I was too far-gone for this to help me.  But I couldn’t have been more wrong!  After feeling de-railed for the better part of seven years in my life and career, I needed to find what it was that I needed.

Bridget’s coaching program helped me to get back on track and brought the fire back within me.  The exercises were short and easy, and most of all, fun!  My follow up coaching calls with her brought everything together and she worked with me to devise a plan that will jump-start my new chapter in life. I am forever grateful for this experience.

~Stacey Pangle


After nearly 30 years, I am finally accomplishing a life-long dream of studying protocol and etiquette at a prestigious school in Washington D.C.   In addition, I have been named Chief of Protocol, for a military ball in the fall of 2012.  The reason this has happened is the direct result of my coaching with Bridget Haymond.  Bridget’s method, insight and God-given wisdom helped me discover and pursue the talents God has put in my life.  I now have greater clarity with respect to my life’s purpose AND I have JOY, because I am connected to my life’s purpose.

Thank you Bridget.  And the truth shall set you free!

Cindy Johnson


I sought Bridget’s expertise concerning career guidance after my child left home for college. I found every aspect of her coaching excellent. Her exercises were easy to use and understand.  What I appreciate most is her insight, encouragement and Biblical background.  She always identified and addressed the area most in need of attention and would explore that in order to propel me to the next level.  Coaching with someone who has a strong foundation in Christ was a delight. Thank you, Bridget!

~Denise Sicking


Bridget Haymond’s leadership coaching has sincerely been one of the best investments I made in the last decade.  She helped me to identify my uniqueness, create a personal and leadership mission statement, and a goal and reward plan.  Each of these activities has launched me into a new way of living. I am more in touch with my uniqueness and less concerned with my weaknesses. That has freed me to become more focused and productive. And now, with God’s work in me, I am accomplishing more of what matters and tackling projects that once seemed too difficult.

My experience with Bridget was encouraging, professional, creative and more than I expected.  It is obvious to me that she is being used by God to help others serve Him well.

~Jennifer White

Social Media Marketing Manager


I am so excited about my coaching with Bridget. We developed my very own mission statement.   I feel like for the first time ever God allowed me to put into words MY special purpose that HE created me for!  Bridget is an insightful woman with a gifting to speak truth into your life and she has a heart for coming along side as the two of you come up with life plans to implement so that you can live life on purpose.

~Kim Donaldson

YMCA Fitness Instructor


Days before we had our coaching session, I started feeling a bit scattered and unfocused about my project…to the point of loosing enthusiasm.  During our coaching session, I could literally feel the enthusiasm actually building back and creating more energy…your questions, and guided discussion really helped me get back on track.  It’s a good thing someone came up with life coaching, because Bridget is one!

~ Althea Little, Esq.

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