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Reflections From Willow Creek GLS

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Last week I spent two days listening to leaders from the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit share about the passion, purpose and perspective that fuels their mission.  In a nutshell, their message was that everyone is a leader and an influencer!  I am a firm believer that this is the case, which is why I take personal leadership so seriously.


Everyone is gifted with great potential, which is often unleashed by recognizing and responding to the God-opportunities that capture your heart.  Focusing your time and talents in a meaningful productive way is part of God’s plan for purposeful living.   I wanted to share with you some of the key insights that inspired me from this summit and I hope they’ll inspire you too.

Sow your seeds every day in unique ways:  Every day you have the opportunity to sow good seeds with your life.  The key is being intentional about finding unique ways to sow those seeds.  Seek out a mentor and find people you can partner with while investing in others who are ready to learn and bring them on the journey with you.  Every small seed you sow has the potential for greatness to spring forth from it so daily sowing is a must.

Apply the power of prayer to your efforts:  Be bold and pray for God’s insight, inspiration and connections to help further your noble goals.  Trust God to confound your enemies and detractors and stay focused on what He’s put in your heart to do.  Embrace the season you are in and make the most of it knowing that God has a purpose for you in every season of your life.

Live with honor and invest your life:  It is critical that you lead yourself first.  Make sure your daily activities are in alignment with your values and purpose.  Let the storms of life transform you and stay committed to doing what is right.  Remain humble and aim to be fair with others in the midst of conflicts.  An attitude of kindness, humility and fairness is the hallmark of a great leader – this is true in personal and professional relationships.

Spiritual Perspective:  The Bible is full of ordinary people who did extraordinary things when they heard and responded to the call of God.  Consider David, the youngest son and lowly shepherd boy whom God called to lead a nation.  And then there’s Esther, an orphan and a woman – two strikes against her in the ancient world and even some cultures today, but God used her to save a nation.  Nehemiah was the cupbearer to a king, not a general contractor, and yet God chose him to lead the rebuilding of the wall in Jerusalem.  Time and again God’s purpose trumps the beliefs and traditions of human wisdom as He unfolds His plans through regular people… people just like you and me!  The bottom line is you are called, qualified and appointed by God and all you have to do is say “yes”.

Yes, you can live out your values with focused purpose and make an impact with your life!  Find out how you can incorporate your unique strengths, passion and life experience to live with purpose every day – here’s how you can get started!

Renew, Refresh and Refocus:  What is the passion that stirs your heart and are you willing to go outside your comfort zone to take action on it?  In what unique ways can you sow more seed to be an influencer who makes a difference with your life?  What will happen if you do nothing at all, and what will it take for you to say “yes” and trust God to use you in an extraordinary way?

These are some of my favorite quotes from this leadership summit:

Bill Hybels quotes:

“Apply an ‘energy burst’ throughout the day to get super focused on and fired up about your goals.” –

“Be open to the small things as signposts and indicators for seed sowing.”

“The parable of the sower projects a 75% rejection of your seed.  Overcome this rejection rate by sowing more seed.”

“Become an incessant “tinkerer” and look for more ways to sow your seed.”

“God didn’t make you a leader to respond to stuff, He made you a leader to move stuff ahead.”

Condeleezza Rice quotes:

“Governments can only do so much.  We must keep the links strong, the strong must bring up the weak.”

“If the strong exploit the weak, democracy cannot be strong.”

“Leadership is helping others see their own leadership potential.”

“Great leaders are irrepressibly optimistic.”

“Out of struggle, very often comes victory.”

“Great leaders work through human agency and human action to make the world as it should be.”

“People in positions of authority need truth-tellers around them.”

Jim Collins quotes:

“Superior performers make the most of a bad event in a positive transforming way.”

“Live a meaningful life, doing meaningful work with people you love.”

“Separate values from process.  Preserve your values, but switch up the process.”

“The X-Factor of great leadership is humility, followed by will.”

“Successfully blending natural creativity with learned discipline is a winning combination.”

Marc Kielburger quote:

“Take kids outside of their comfort zone and they get very clear on their values and what’s important.”

Sheryl Wudunn quotes:

“Underutilizing women as a business resource will stifle a country’s development.”

“Contributing to a cause larger than yourself leads to greater happiness.”

Craig Groeschel quotes:

“Honor and values builds up. A lack of honor limits and tears down.”

“Honor those who have invested in your life.”

“Don’t resent, fear or judge the next generation – BELIEVE in them!”

“Leaders, embrace the season you are in. Be yourself – authenticity trumps ‘cool’ every time.”

“Respect is earned, but honor is given.”

Patrick Lencioni quotes:

“Dysfunction, politics and confusion hinder healthy organizational health.”

“The foundation of success is to get a larger perspective and get clarity on what you’re trying to achieve.”

“A core value is something you stick to – even when it’s not convenient.”

William Ury quotes:

“Negotiations must be based on fairness rather than will.”

“The ability to be inventive and creative is key to successful negotiating.”

“If we’re going to be get our jobs done and be successful, we need to learn to negotiate.”

“The key to successful negotiations is the power not to react.”

“Negotiating is about influencing a decision. Focus on interests, not positions.”

Mario Vega quotes:

“Those that open the door to moral failure pave the way for additional failures”

“Every right decision a leader makes increases his influence.”

“Don’t let personal bias effect your decisions.  Give yourself permission to grieve and hurt, but never avoid doing what is right.”

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