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Self-Leadership Is Better Than Self-Control

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Photo by Show Us Your Togwotee

Photo by Show Us Your Togwotee

When thinking about making changes in your life, do you think about  “self-control”, or “self-leadership”? There may not seem to be a significant difference in these two terms, however each of these has a different perspective, and leading yourself is much more motivating than trying to “control” yourself.

Here are some examples of the different perspectives regarding these two ideas:

Self-Control can give the impression of being the victim of something for which you have no control and must labor tirelessly to resist or avoid.

Self-Leadership implies you are actively working toward victory by enlisting appropriate boundaries and safeguards to protect yourself.

Self-Control sounds impulsive like a leaf that is swept away on a windy day; taken over by chance or whimsy with no direction or guidance regarding the destination.

Self-Leadership is about caring enough to be intentional with the direction of your life through accountability, goals and celebrating each success along the way.

Self-Control gives the sense of a vacillating wrestling match with yourself, which sounds like a lot of hard work in resisting, without necessarily overcoming.

Self-Leadership is about purposefully valuing the promise of your potential and turning it into reality through strategies that effectively manage and maximize your gifts.

Spiritual Perspective:  Focusing on self-control without acknowledging self-leadership is like only focusing on the problem without thinking about a solution.  Whenever reading about self-control in the Bible, you will also find specific instructions regarding how to live it out.  Those strategies are the self-leadership tools in how to gain victory over challenges and points of weakness in your life.  Self-leadership is the means by which we achieve self-control.

Practicing self-leadership on a daily basis can lead to some extraordinary results.  Rather than focusing on the activities you don’t want to take place, your attention is focused on the activities you do want to occur.  When implemented regularly self-leadership yields the fruit of integrity, where the desires of our heart are evident in how we live.  As what you think, say and do become congruent, the frustration and confusion fall away because you are consistently living with clarity and purpose.

Now is the time to tap into the inspiration and motivation you need to lead yourself successfully.  You can jump-start your self-leadership journey today with one of my Clear Life Purpose ™ coaching programs!

Truth For Your Life: In what ways are you intentionally leading yourself?  What strategies have you found useful in maximizing your time and your talents?  Have you lead yourself to victory by putting safeguards in place when you were aware of a point of weakness?

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