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Soul Detox by Craig Groeschel

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The subtitle for this book is “Clean Living in a Contaminated World”, and it is must read material for the Body of Christ.  Pastor Groeschel deals with relevant topics such as identifying false beliefs; the power of your words and thoughts; toxic behaviors, emotions, relationships and influences; healthy boundaries; legalistic religion; forgiveness and bitter roots.


Our culture is saturated with beliefs and behaviors that are counter-productive to the blessings that come from living life in a God-ordained way.   We have great freedom in Christ, but many of the freedoms available to us culturally and socially do not truly bring life to us, nor do they have long-term value.

The mind is the primary battlefield for spiritual growth and transformation and this is why Soul Detox is so needed.  Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book:

“The longer we view ourselves through a distorted lens, the more likely we are to believe a distorted truth.”

“You are not a victim of your thoughts.  You have the power through Christ to take them captive.”

“When someone repents, he turns back to God’s highest way of living instead of the lower ways of sin.”

“Rather than sinking into the quicksand of sin, you can swim into the clean water of God’s forgiveness and cleansing love.”

“If we think that we deserve the object of our desire more than the person who has it, our jealously blossoms into envy.”

“When our moods and emotional needs depend on acquiring more possession, more money, more toys, then we’re in for a toxic shock when we find our hands full and our hearts empty.”

“We trust money to make us significant because we don’t know who we are in Christ.  And we believe money will make us secure because we trust money more than we trust Christ.”

“When we truly change what we believe, we’ll gladly change how we behave.”

“We will never discover lasting happiness, significance and security in the temporary things of this world because we weren’t made to live a temporary life.”

For too long the church has lost the effectiveness of it s witness due to the muddling of a cultural worldview with a Biblical worldview.  Fruitful, influential and powerful living is available to every Believer who learns to live every day with an eternal perspective, and it starts with detoxing your soul.

This book includes a good assortment of scripture references for individual study.  There are also helpful suggestions and examples of what the practical application of those scriptures look like.  Soul Detox is a good source of self-examination for conviction, refinement and spiritual growth.  I highly recommend you add this book to your reading library – you’ll be glad you did!  Get your own copy today from amazon.

By way of disclosure: I received a free review copy of “Soul Detox” by Craig Groeschel from Zondervan in exchange for writing a review—good, bad, or otherwise.

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