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Step Up To A New You

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Stepping up to a new you isn’t quite the same as putting on 3 inch heals like these, but you can step up to a whole new level of truthful, intentional and extraordinary living that will lead to a whole new you.

It starts with your beliefs, your desires and the courage to step into a new way of living.  It’s available for you today – here’s how to get started:


Step up and into a new way of thinking for truthful living.  Identify and reject negative thought patterns that have set up residence in your mind.  It could be a recurring fear, self-condemnation or a reminder of negative messages from others that continually runs through your mind.  These thoughts are not your true identity.  Take charge of your thought life by capturing and examining your thoughts.  Don’t accept every thought that comes to your mind as truth.  Consider each thought and determine if it is true.  If it is, then embrace it and if it is not, then disregard it and replace it with what you know to be the truth.

Step up out of the rut and get on the path of intentional living.  Part of stepping up requires that you begin to think outside of the box and be willing to stretch beyond the realities of your current circumstances and your familiar comfort zones.  Dream big dreams and allow yourself to think about and plan for what you really want for your life as if anything were possible.  Write down your specific goals for living the life you really want to live and start taking baby steps in that direction. No action is too small and every step you take brings you that much closer to living intentionally rather than by default.

Step up and away from the status quo and into the arena of extraordinary living.  We are living in unusual and challenging times and this requires you to rise above and distinguish yourself from the crowd.  Now is the time to stand out and be remarkable and memorable.  You were not created to simply blend into the background.  You have something valuable to contribute to the world and you must not be afraid to share your ideas, stand up for what is right or go the extra mile.  Extraordinary living is about fulfilling your unique destiny at this time in history.

Spiritual Perspective:  Proverbs 4:18 “The ways of right-living people glow with light; the longer they live, the brighter they shine.”  You have been called, gifted and resourced with the Holy Spirit and the word of God.  Now is the time to step up to the high calling of God on your life.  Embrace the possibilities for more fruitfulness and increased influence.  Expect your life to shine with divine encounters and unique doors of opportunity as you step up to faithfully steward your gifts, talents and time in ways that honor God.

Step up today by investing in yourself!  Coaching with me will help you discover the unique strengths and gifts you’ve been blessed with so you can thrive as you start pursuing your God-give purpose – find out how now!

Renew, Refresh and Refocus:  What negative thoughts do you need to reject and stop dwelling on?  How can you steward your gifts and talents and step up to the high calling of God for your life?  What big dreams do you need to set specific goals for so you can begin taking action?

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