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The Blessing of a New Name

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People usually get a new name as the result of a wedding or an adoption and it signifies a new chapter in life.  Not only do people have names, but also many life events and experiences have names with specific meaning.  A name reveals an identity, which can reflect character, value or purpose and  in the negative context it can indicate pain or disappointment.  But sometimes you need to reflect and give past events and experiences a new name.



Giving something a new name isn’t about whitewashing the truth; it’s about seeing things from a new perspective ­– God’s perspective!  In the Bible name changes can reflect a change of character, as was the case for Jacob, meaning “replace or oust by force or scheming”, when he wrestled with the angel for his new name of Israel, which means “struggle with God and God preserves” or a specific call from God where Saul which means “prayed for” became Paul which means “humble”.  It is clear that both of these men were renamed as a result of God’s work in their lives. A new name often reflects God’s redeeming work in your life.

In Genesis 17:15 God changed the name of Abraham’s wife Sarai to Sara.  Essentially she went from being “My Princess” to being “Princess” meaning of many people rather than just one.  Abram went from being “Exalted Father” to Abraham, which means, “Father of a Multitude.”  These name changes reflected God’s purpose and promise for their lives and ultimately an entire nation.

Scriptural Application:  A great reminder of God’s redeeming work on your behalf is found in Romans 8:28* which says, “That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.”  God doesn’t cause unpleasant things, but he works in your life to redeem and restore all things.  You might gain a greater awareness of His presence in times of sorrow, or grow in patience, humility, endurance and strength. Intentionally review your past hurts or points of failure to see where God’s hand was at work through the situation and look for something good, no matter how small, that came about as a result.  Pray for God’s perspective about the things in your life that can be given a new name as a result of God’s redeeming work.

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Renew, Refresh and Refocus:  What negative life events has God redeemed in your life that you can now rename as a sign of God’s blessing?  How have you been given a fresh start as a result of God’s restoration in your life?  What new name can you give to a life event that God has used to renew your passion or give you a ministry assignment as a result?

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