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The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson – Book Review

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The Circle MakerIf your prayer life or faith has become stale and routine The Circle Maker, by Mark Batterson, is just what you need to shake things up and provide a fresh perspective.

Mark shares out of his own life many miraculous answers to prayer.  He makes it clear that God is not offended by our big dreams or bold prayers and we should believe for greater things so that God-ordained purposes can be accomplished on the earth.

Batterson makes a clear connection between the promises of God that we need to hold on to, the value in being specific in prayer and the need to keep praying through and praising God until there is an answer or a release of the burden.  He also points out that all of this hinges on living a life that is centered on faithfulness in our daily life.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book:

“Well-developed faith results in well-defined prayers, and well-defined prayers result in a well-lived life.”

“If you give beyond your ability, God will bless you beyond your ability.”

“Having vision beyond your resources is synonymous with dreaming big.”

“God always has a holy surprise up His sovereign sleeve!

“The only way you can fail is if you stop praying.”

“We need the patience of the planter.  We need the foresight of the farmer.  We need the mindset of the sower.”

“And when you get to the point where you care more about what God thinks and less what people think, you’re getting close to the breakthrough.”

“Each prayer is a time capsule.  You never know when or where or how God is going to answer it, but He will answer it.” 

The value and purpose of fasting is covered in this book as well.  Mark Batterson points out that our physical posture in prayer helps to posture our heart and mind.  He also reminds us that our prayers are eternal and God will answer them even beyond our lifespan.

This book has stirred up my faith in a wonderful way and has challenged me to enlarge my vision even more, and to believe God for even greater things of His purpose that I had not previously allowed myself to consider.  If you’re ready to dream big, pray hard and think long, your prayer life will be supercharged by reading The Circle Maker.  It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions here on amazon.

By way of disclosure: I received a free review copy of “The Circle Maker”  by Mark Batterson from Zondervan in exchange for writing a review—good, bad, or otherwise.

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2 Responses to The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson – Book Review
  1. Adetutu
    November 30, 2011 | 6:44 am

    I live in Nigeria and eagerly looking forward to get a copy of the life transforming book.

    • Bridget Haymond
      December 3, 2011 | 10:56 am

      It will definately be transforming Adetutu – enjoy!