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The Value Of Purpose

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Just think how difficult life would be if you tried to use a knife as a whip, or spatula to chop!  These utensils have been designed with a specific purpose in mind, but when used in an inappropriate way, they are ineffective at best and potentially dangerous at worst.  This illustration shows why it is necessary to understand your purpose and how knowing your purpose can lead to great satisfaction and productivity.


Your purpose has been with you your whole life and the very act of naming it creates the awareness needed to live it.  Here are 4 D’s of knowing your purpose.

Discern:  What is it that gets you excited about life?  This is a clue to your individual motivation and the passion within your heart.  It is there for a reason and God intends to use this passion as part of His divine plan for your life.  Set aside some time to be still and reflect on what it is that stirs your heart.

Discover:  Discovering and understanding your strengths, giftedness and temperament make it possible to value and honor the full potential of your purpose.  Discovery is the most valuable piece in completing the puzzle of your life.  Nobody wants to feel like they have unfinished business and knowing that there is something of greatness left on the table, so discovery is crucial.  This knowledge will arm you for the next phase.

Direction:  Once you have discerned your area of passion and discovered your strengths and gifting, it is easier to understand and plan the right direction for your life.  This is the key element to living with a sense of fulfillment and knowing that you are going somewhere on purpose!

Destiny:  Understanding your life purpose is about living intentionally and faithfully stewarding or managing the gifts, talents and strengths that God has blessed you with.  It is also one of the ways we honor the Lord and leave a legacy that shines brightly as an example for others.

All of these involve plotting a course and direction for your life that is the best use of your time, talents and resources.  The result is that you will clearly see the right things to participate in with a resounding yes, and give you peace of mind in knowing what you have the freedom to say no to.  This is how you steward and manage the gifts God has placed within you.

Spiritual Perspective: Psalm 20:4* says it like this:May he give you your heart’s desire, and put all your purposes into effect.”  Nobody is here by accident, God knew you before you were born.  You have unique gifts, talents and abilities from your Heavenly Father that make you special according to His purpose for your life.

Rest assured that it is God’s will for you to know and understand your purpose.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can invest in yourself for a more satisfying life and I would love to help you get started.  As a Certified Human Behavior Consultant and Christian Life Coach I am committed to your success and seeing you fulfill the destiny and purpose that God has for you.  You can start moving forward with clear direction and purpose for your life – here’s how you can get started!

Truth For Your Life:  Are you actively spending time doing the things you love to do?  What gets you excited and drives your energy?  If you could do anything in the world to leave a mark and make a difference, what would it be?  Is your time spent doing the things that really fulfill you?  Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts on the value of purpose in your life.

*The Bible in Basic English is in the public domain.

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    March 25, 2011 | 2:00 am

    Love these steps to success! When we are doing what we love to do, the passion kicks in and the wildfire of ideas, inspiration and contagious attitudes just spread.


    • Bridget Willard
      March 29, 2011 | 9:43 pm

      I agree!