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Values, Faith and Courage

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Joan of Arc


Action takes courage, continuing to take action can take courage and sometimes it takes courage to stop taking action or break away from things.  For many people courageous action comes about as the result of connecting personal values and faith, which means it’s important to be aware of your values so you can connect them to your faith.

Below are the four main areas where values, faith and courage can come together for a winning combination.


Personal values:  Understanding your personal values and living with purpose is key to a satisfied, fulfilling life.  Recognizing, honoring and living out your values gives true meaning and purpose to your life.  They are the compass that guides your decision making process, and when these are violated it’s not uncommon to feel a sense of anger.  Personal values are part of the unique purpose that was woven into you while you were in your mother’s womb.  When you know your values are noble and God-honoring you will have the courage to live them out privately and publicly.

Family values:  When you understand that you are creating a blueprint for your children and grandchildren, family values take on a whole new meaning.  Your words must line up with your actions in order to have a true impact.  This isn’t about perfection or hiding your mistakes, but honestly and courageously sharing what you have learned from the broken places in your own life.  These life lessons and values are lived out daily as you continue to engage your children in conversation and share from your heart about how you process life decisions.  The way you live and the legacy you leave behind will be your greatest joy as you see your family embrace it for themselves.

Professional values:  Professional values go beyond money or a job title.  Who you are is revealed through your profession, but your profession doesn’t define you.  And while your profession may provide financial blessings, the material possessions afforded as a result exist to serve you, and they do not define your value and success.  Professional values are about how you conduct yourself when representing your employer or your clients, as well as how you behave with your associates.  This is when you have the courage to hold your head high, knowing that you do the work you do because you’re gifted to do it and you always bring your best work knowing that you can make a difference.

Spiritual values:  There are blessings in store for those who honor the Lord.  Psalm 31:24* says it like this, “Be strong, be courageous, all you that hope in the Lord.”  When your faith and hope is in the Lord, you will have the courage to move forward, or to wait and trust Him.  Keeping your spiritual values in focus will empower you to do what you feel God is leading you to do without being fearful of the opinions or reactions of others.  Let your faith inspire you to think big and believe God to do the impossible on your behalf!

Let the things you value and are passionate about give you the courage to live big!   Now is the time to connect your values, passion and purpose with your longstanding dreams.  Click here now to get a fresh focus for your future and enlarge your territory!

Renew, Refresh and Refocus:  How have you been able to connect your faith and values for courageous action?  In what ways do your professional values give you courage at work?  How have your family values given your children courage?

* Scripture taken from the Good News Translation – Second Edition, Copyright 1992 by American Bible Society. Used by Permission.

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