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Who Said You Weren’t Beautiful?

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I am woman by Nono FaraWomen are beaten down everyday with lies that attack your sense of worth and your self-image in an attempt to rob you of the beauty that comes from the Lord.  There is a battle for your destiny and these lies about your true beauty and worth are designed to distract you and rob you of your peace, joy and purpose.  Let’s look at some of the most common sources of lies about your beauty.


Did society or culture say you weren’t beautiful?  I assure you, they do not know what true beauty is.  The truth is too much focus on external appearances ends up being an effort in futility and it’s a distraction from what really matters most.  In this fallen world, society and culture have a distorted view of beauty and therefore are not qualified to define your beauty.  You do not have to prove anything to society – just live in the beauty of the Lord and let His beauty shine through you.

Did your body say you weren’t beautiful?  I promise you, your mortal body is no measure of your true beauty.  Until you receive your resurrected glorious body, lines, wrinkles, flabby arms and an expanding waistline will appear as a reminder of passing years.  But all the cosmetic surgery in the world can’t bring security, confidence or a peace-filled glow to the countenance of a woman who lacks the inner beauty that comes from knowing Christ and living as His emissary.  In her later years when Mother Theresa was full of wrinkles, she was still truly beautiful as the joy of the Lord radiated from her.

Did God say you weren’t beautiful?  I guarantee you God did not say that!  In fact you are the apple of His eye, the pearl of great price and more valuable than gold or silver.  God alone is the One knows your true beauty and the significance of your life.  You are the fragrance of Christ and a message of hope to those who are being saved and that is beautiful.  As a Christian, your identity, purpose and worth are not found in your appearance, they are found in knowing Christ and becoming like Him.

Biblical Insights:  1 Timothy 1:10 Instead, as is fitting, let good works decorate your true beauty and show that you are a woman who claims reverence for God.  The Apostle Paul wasn’t suggesting a frumpy, unkempt lifestyle; his words are a call to awareness about right priorities and keeping God first in your life.  True beauty is the freedom to live out your faith in ways that honor God and bless others without the distractions that come from an over abundance of self-focus.

Renew, Refresh and Refocus: In what ways has your appearance been a distraction or taken a priority in defining your identity and worth?  What scriptures do you meditate on to remind yourself how beautiful you are to the Lord?  How can you reprioritize your time and talents to focus on honoring God and blessing others in order to let your true beauty shine?

You are unique and beautiful so don’t believe the lies about your beauty and worth any longer!  Christian life coaching can help you understand your strengths and discover God’s divine design for your life.  If you’re ready for a real makeover that will transform your mindset, don’t put it off  here’s how you can get started!

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