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Your Identity Transformation

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In much the same way as this chrysalis transforms into a beautiful butterfly, you too have the ability to become transformed.  While changes to the outside are merely cosmetic, internal changes relate to your identity and are the most powerful type of change.

Identity transformation is a powerful process that can bring great freedom and confidence.  It can result in new understanding for insight and growth, or character development and solidifying of purpose.  It can also lead some people to embrace a brand new identity that is rooted in the truth and free from the lies of the past.  If you’re feeling confused and stuck in your life, you might be ready for some real transformation.  Here are some tips to help you get started on the road to transforming your life and identity.

Transformation is the result of determination.  Life has a way of thrusting a variety of false identities at you.  They can come from people pleasing, trying to blend in with the crowd or sometimes the expectations of parents or authority figures.  When you recognize that God has something more for your life and begin to understand the vital role your identity plays in that process, your determination is what will fuel your success.  The pathway to experiencing the fullness of life is by recovering your identity so you can live with purpose.

Transformation requires humility.  Shame would have you try to hide and conceal the need for change and transformation, but doing so only delays your progress.  Identifying and naming your weakness is vital to beginning your transformation.  By humbly recognizing and admitting the areas of your life that need transformation, you make room for God to move in and begin the process.

Transformation begets more transformation.  Change in one area of your life will often begin the discovery of other areas in need of transformation.  Your identity is multifaceted and fits together like puzzle pieces to form your unique identity.  As you experience new levels of freedom you will welcome the growth that transformation brings to every area of your life.

Spiritual Perspective:  The foundation of your identity comes from knowing how God sees you.  You must be ready to contend, like Jacob did in Genesis 32:22-30, for the fullness of your identity and the blessing of your inheritance as a child of God.  Jacob received a new name, which represented his new identity.  The foundation of your identity is secure in Christ and as you live in that truth you will be transformed into the person God has designed you to be in order to live a life of promise and purpose.

Don’t be a victim of identity theft, living a façade and never being the real you.  Instead of feeling stuck and confused, you can get back on track with my Clear Life Purpose ™ Coaching Programs.  To discover which option is the best fit for you, simply visit my coaching page to get started.

Renew, Refresh and Refocus:  What areas of your life are you ready to name and invite God to move in and begin the transformation process?  How have false identities robbed you of life and purpose?   What big goal will keep you motivated and moving forward with your identity transformation?

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2 Responses to Your Identity Transformation
  1. Marie Solla
    May 9, 2012 | 1:33 pm

    Same here. My transformation is not yet finished, nor did it happen overnight. But I think it is apparent. I am attracting different, more positive people to me, people who know me from the past see change, but most importantly, I FEEL the difference. I am happy. I am calm. I am at peace.

    • Bridget Haymond
      May 9, 2012 | 2:28 pm

      This is why internal change and identity are so important. It truly does impact every area of your life, but even more important is the fact that you notice the difference! Thanks for sharing Maria!