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Your Window of Opportunity

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The Open Window

Sometimes windows of opportunity disrupt your life and shake up the status quo, but they can be an answer to prayer, often providing a shift or a new direction for your life.  While these opportunities might seem inconvenient at the time, they can serve to get you out of a rut where you’ll come out on the other side with a fresh perspective and a renewed focus on what’s most important.


Windows of opportunity offer new possibilities, call for boldness and usually require action on your part.  Below are some thoughts on each of these.

Opportunities offer new possibilities:  When opportunity blows the windows open, you need to see with the eyes of faith take advantage of new possibilities.   Opportunities can stretch you and take you outside of your comfort zone, but they can also allow you to step up into a new way of living.  There is nothing like seeing new possibilities to bring an excitement and fresh zeal to your life.

Opportunities call for boldness:  A window of opportunity can be fleeting, and sometimes you need to be bold and take a risk in order to benefit from it.  If you’ve been praying for a new opportunity, consider what may be required of you and do what you can to start preparing now – this will help you to be bold and courageous when your opportunity becomes available.

Opportunities require action:  When a window of opportunity becomes available, you must realize that it can be time sensitive.  Nothing is worse than living with the regret of would’ve, should’ve or could’ve, when it comes to missed opportunities.  While you can’t control the availability of these opportunities, you can make sure you are ready to take action when they arrive.

Biblical perspective:  When Jesus called each of His disciples to follow Him, that was a window of opportunity for them.  They each had to make a bold decision to take action on a new way of living as His disciple.  Each of the disciples had the freedom to choose, and the Bible makes it clear in John 6:59-69 that many others turned away from following Jesus.  Some of them missed their opportunity forever…  Every day is a new day to see with the eyes of faith and live with the awareness of the opportunities available to you as a follower of Christ.  As you live in fellowship with Him, you will become sensitive to the God-appointed opportunities that you can take action on.

Don’t miss your window of opportunity!  Life coaching is a great way to gain clarity and prepare for the opportunities you’ve been praying and dreaming about.  When you’re clear about your strengths, values and goals, you’ll be ready to take action when your window of opportunity opens up.  Click here to find out more now!

Renew, Refresh and Refocus:  What can you do to be ready to take advantage of a new opportunity when it arrives?  How could your life be different if you take advantage of a new opportunity?  What will your life look like if you let your window of opportunity close?

Leave a comment and let me know about the windows of opportunity in your life!

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